Recruited to the Bubblewrap roster in 2017, Cotton Wolf is the collective moniker of Welsh ‘Super Producer’ Llion Robertson and classically-trained composer Seb Goldfinch. Prior to joining us, the pair have already impressed the likes of BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 6 Music with previous EPs, Moxa, Cloud City and Catapelt, resulting in repeated radio plays. Embracing the conflicts between man and machine in an ever-digitising world, such tastemakers have pointed towards Massive Attack, Hans Richter and New Order as sonic reference points.

Their first LP for Bubblewrap, Life In Analogue, is set for release in April 2017. Comprising epic classical strings, synths and minimalist vocals, it marks the culmination of nearly two years of development in the studio. Themed around the connection and disconnection found in our interactions with technology, the electronic backdrops are mediated through the pair’s deft, warming and human approach to production. Life In Analogue will be available on vinyl and digital download.

“lush, energetic, altogether alive and utterly, utterly sublime!”

The Laundry, Rear of 35 Romilly Cres, Canton, Cardiff CF11 9NP

+44 (0) 7900 932 522