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Teddy Hunter

Teddy Hunter - Daylight Artwork SMALL

Teddy Hunter is a Cardiff based audio visual artist and electronic musician working in alternative music and immersive audio. Her practice takes root in sonic arts, exploring the environment through sound and installation where the gentle immersive ambience are combined with song writing and traditional instrumentation.

Her ambient electronic songwriting is characterised by dreamy loops, gradual builds and synthesised melodies. Her performances slowly unfurl fragmented strata of sounds collectively entwining with the ethereal humanity of layered vocals. Experimenting with field recordings, spatial sound and visuals to create soundscapes and ambient electronic immersive experiences, her work takes a focus around ecology and the interactions between humans and their surroundings

“a truly beautiful energy from an immersive sound artist. Teddy Hunter crafts deeply atmospheric landscapes which is undeniably thought-provoking.”Circuit Sweet